Amazon Prime Video to introduce advertisements in the UK starting in February


Amazon is set to introduce advertisements to its Prime Video streaming service starting from 5 February 2024. Customers in the UK and Germany will see “limited” ads unless they pay £2.99 per month to remove them. This move follows the introduction of cheaper ad-supported memberships by rivals such as Disney+ and Netflix. Amazon stated that the introduction of ads will allow them to continue investing in content and that they aim to have fewer ads than linear TV and other streaming providers. Live content, such as sports, will still include advertising even for those who pay to remove ads. The US and Canada will see ads earlier from 29 January, and Amazon plans to expand them to other countries later in 2024. However, UK customers may feel disadvantaged as they will pay more for the ad-free option compared to customers in Germany and the US. Amazon recently announced various future content plans, including a deal with Games Workshop to bring Warhammer 40,000 to the screen and a series based on the video game Fallout. Disney+ and Netflix have also expanded their ad-supported services in the UK.

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