New York Times files lawsuit against Microsoft and OpenAI seeking ‘billions’ in damages


The New York Times is suing OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, and Microsoft over allegations of copyright infringement. The lawsuit claims that ChatGPT used millions of articles from the New York Times without permission, resulting in the tool competing with the newspaper as a trusted source of information. The lawsuit also alleges that ChatGPT generates verbatim excerpts from New York Times articles, which can only be accessed with a subscription. This allows readers to access New York Times content without paying for it, leading to a loss of subscription revenue and advertising clicks for the newspaper. The lawsuit was filed after unsuccessful attempts to resolve the issue amicably. OpenAI and Microsoft have not yet commented on the lawsuit. This is one of several lawsuits faced by OpenAI, including a copyright infringement case brought by authors George RR Martin and John Grisham, as well as legal action from comedian Sarah Silverman. OpenAI is also facing a lawsuit alongside Microsoft and GitHub over the unauthorized use of code to train an AI called Copilot. Numerous lawsuits have been filed against developers of generative AI, with artists suing text-to-image generators Stability AI and Midjourney for using copyrighted artwork. None of these lawsuits have been resolved yet.

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