Military Personnel Set to Resign Due to Housing Rules


Senior military officers and soldiers have threatened to leave the Army in large numbers due to new accommodation rules proposed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). The current system provides subsidised housing based on rank, but the MoD plans to shift the focus to family needs. This could result in many officers losing access to larger housing, exacerbating the existing recruitment and retention crisis in the army. Over 20 officers and their partners have voiced their protest against the new policy, with dozens more expressing readiness to quit. A social media survey revealed that 78% of over 300 participating officers would consider leaving if their housing entitlement is reduced. An online petition demanding a review of the policy has garnered 18,000 signatures. The new rules could see a married major with no children entitled to a two-bedroom property instead of a three- or four-bedroom house, reducing their living space by 38%. Conversely, a married private with three children could gain 27% more space. The MoD plans to launch its New Accommodation Offer (NAO) for military personnel in March, promising fairer allocation based on need and long-term relationships. However, critics argue that the policy will add stress and uncertainty for families and remove one of the few remaining perks of service life.

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