European Parliament Revokes Amazon Lobbyist Passes


Amazon lobbyists have had their access badges for the European parliament withdrawn due to a dispute over whether the e-commerce giant is allowing itself to be properly scrutinized. The decision came after a request from the EU’s committee on employment and social affairs, whose chairman accused Amazon of obstructing inquiries into alleged breaches of fundamental rights.

Amazon expressed disappointment at the decision, stating that they have repeatedly expressed their willingness to engage with members of the EU Employment and Social Affairs Committee. They emphasized their long-standing presence in the EU and commitment to engaging with policymakers.

The committee chairman, Dragoș Pîslaru, disagreed with Amazon’s stance, stating that it was unreasonable for members to be lobbied by Amazon while being deprived of the right to represent European citizens and investigate claims of fundamental rights violations. He highlighted the committee’s efforts to investigate concerns about the working conditions of Amazon employees in the EU since 2021.

Amazon defended its refusal to participate in the session, citing concerns about the one-sided nature of the meeting and its timing close to Christmas, during the retail peak season. They maintained that they have accommodated visits from committee members in the past and expressed a desire to continue engaging with the European Parliament on important industry issues.

Despite the badge withdrawal, the lobbyists are not banned from the building and can still attend the parliament as regular visitors. This dispute is part of a broader trend of clashes between the EU and big tech companies, including Google and Meta, over breaches of European law. The EU has recently passed the Digital Services Act (DSA) to impose new responsibilities on large tech firms, with ongoing investigations into compliance.

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