Storm Jocelyn Hits UK with 76mph Gusts


The UK is currently experiencing the effects of Storm Jocelyn, following the destructive path of Storm Isha which resulted in two fatalities. Heavy rainfall and strong winds have been reported, with the strongest gust of 76mph recorded in Aberdaron, Wales. Scotland has also been affected, with train services suspended due to weather conditions.

Power cuts have impacted thousands of homes, and flooding has been reported in parts of York. The Met Office has issued amber and yellow weather warnings for wind across much of the country, with the storm’s center moving northwards. Winds of up to 80mph are predicted in exposed areas of northern and western Scotland early Wednesday morning.

Scattered heavy showers are expected in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and northern England overnight, but the worst of the rain has passed. Despite the travel delays, power cuts, and flooding, Storm Jocelyn is not anticipated to cause as much disruption as Storm Isha.

All ScotRail trains were suspended from 19:00 on Tuesday and will remain so until Wednesday morning. Each route will need a safety inspection before services can resume due to the risk of falling trees and debris. TransPennine Express and Avanti West Coast have also advised customers not to travel until Wednesday noon on certain routes.

In Northern Ireland, 4,500 homes and businesses are still without power, but electricity has been restored to 48,000 homes. NIE Networks warns of potential further power cuts and damage as Storm Jocelyn continues. In Cumbria, 1,800 customers are without power, while power has been restored to over 78,000 homes.

There are currently 26 flood warnings in Scotland and 15 in England. In York, the River Ouse’s water levels are already high and expected to rise further. Motorists are urged to reconsider travel plans in areas where the weather is expected to be worst.

The Met Office has issued several severe weather warnings, including an amber warning for wind for western and northern Scotland, and yellow warnings for wind across Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales, and north-west England.

Wednesday is expected to be windy, particularly in Scotland and northern England, before easing later in the day. Storm Isha previously disrupted travel for many road, rail, and air passengers, resulting in two fatalities.

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