The Traitors Unmask Themselves in Reality TV Finale


The second season of the BBC’s popular reality show, The Traitors, came to a thrilling conclusion on Friday. Harry Clark, who had been a traitor since the first episode, emerged as the winner, taking home the grand prize of £95,150.

Clark and Mollie Pearce were the final two contestants, having jointly decided to eliminate Jaz Singh. Despite being a traitor from the start, Clark managed to avoid detection throughout the series. Pearce failed to identify him as a traitor, which cost her the prize money.

The final showdown took place around a fire in a Scottish castle. Pearce initially wrote down Clark’s name for banishment but changed her mind and chose Singh instead. Upon discovering Clark’s true identity, Pearce was visibly upset and left the room.

Despite the betrayal, Pearce later admitted that Clark played an excellent game. After his win, Clark expressed his excitement and relief, stating that he participated in the show for his family and loved ones. He also acknowledged Pearce’s role in his victory and expressed his intention to regain her trust.

Earlier in the episode, Evie Morrison, a veterinary nurse, was banished at the final roundtable after revealing she was a faithful. Insurance broker Andrew Jenkins, another traitor, was also banished.

The Traitors has proven to be a massive success for the BBC, with several episodes attracting over six million viewers. Over 12 episodes, viewers watched as the faithfuls tried to identify the traitors who were eliminating their fellow competitors each night.

As the series ended, viewers took to social media to praise the show. Some even called for Pearce to receive a Bafta for her dramatic performance. Radio 2 breakfast host Zoe Ball described the series as an “amazing three weeks of telly,” while TV producer Andy McLellan praised the show’s success due to its use of regular people as contestants rather than celebrities.

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