Trump Urges Alabama to Safeguard IVF Treatment


Donald Trump has expressed his support for the availability of IVF treatment, joining a growing number of Republicans distancing themselves from a recent Alabama court ruling. The state’s highest court ruled that frozen embryos have the same rights as children and individuals can be held accountable for their destruction. Following the ruling, at least three clinics suspended IVF treatment. Trump urged Alabama to find an immediate solution, expressing his support for IVF availability on his Truth Social platform.

Alabama’s Republican Attorney General Steve Marshall stated he had no intention of prosecuting IVF providers or their families, in an attempt to alleviate concerns in the state. Trump’s comments were his first on the issue and indicated his opposition to a ruling that some Republicans fear could negatively impact their electoral prospects.

The National Republican Senate Committee sent out a memo to candidates directing them to express support for IVF and campaign on increasing access to the treatment. The memo also referenced internal polling showing that access to IVF is overwhelmingly popular.

Several Senate candidates publicly supported access to the treatment after the memo was circulated. Nikki Haley, Trump’s only challenger for the Republican nomination, initially seemed to support the ruling but later denied this.

Although the Alabama ruling does not ban or restrict IVF, several medical providers in the state suspended fertility services due to fears of legal repercussions. Democrats are using the Alabama case in their campaigns, suggesting it as a warning that Republicans will erode women’s rights if they win in the upcoming November election.

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