King Charles finds humor in supportive cards


Royal Correspondent Sean Coughlan reports that King Charles has been uplifted by the 7,000 supportive cards he received during his cancer treatment. Some of these cards took a humorous approach, including one featuring a dog wearing a protective cone with the caption: “At least you don’t have to wear a cone!” Others shared personal cancer experiences and well wishes for a quick recovery. The King was reportedly moved to tears by the outpouring of support.

Recent social media posts show the King smiling at some of the more light-hearted cards. Palace aides report that despite health concerns, there has been frequent laughter, particularly in response to the dog card. The card’s creators, Pigment, revealed to the BBC that it was one of their best-sellers and had been customized for the King in hopes of making him smile.

Some of the supportive messages are being stored in the red boxes that hold the King’s daily paperwork. Many of these messages come from individuals who are also dealing with cancer concerns.

Rebecca Stead from Macmillan Cancer Support told BBC News that receiving a cancer diagnosis is a significant event and everyone responds differently. She encourages those facing such diagnoses to seek advice and support.

The King’s candidness about his cancer has been commended for breaking down stigmas associated with the disease. Macmillan’s reports that the King’s public acknowledgment of his illness led to a spike in people seeking information about cancer.

Despite stepping back from public events, the King continues his duties as head of state, including regular meetings with the prime minister. Recent photos released by Buckingham Palace show him meeting with Rishi Sunak. The King, known for his humor, deflected compliments on his appearance with a joke, saying: “It’s all done by mirrors.”

Handmade cards from children have especially touched the King, including messages like: “Never give up. Be brave. Don’t push your limits. Get well soon.”

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