Barnaby Webber’s Family Says Their ‘World Fell Apart’ After Nottingham Attacks


The family of one of three victims of a violent attack in Nottingham has shared their heartbreaking story. Barnaby Webber, 19, along with Grace O’Malley-Kumar, also 19, were killed by Valdo Calocane while returning from a night out. Calocane also murdered 65-year-old Ian Coates on the same day, June 13. He was later sentenced to a hospital order after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Barnaby’s mother, Emma Webber, described her son as “the most genuine human being”. Barnaby, a history student at the University of Nottingham and a talented cricketer, was deeply loved and popular among his peers.

On the day of the incident, Emma was in Cornwall when she heard about a breaking news story in Nottingham. Her husband David tried to contact Barnaby but received no response. After learning about an incident on Ilkeston Road, where Barnaby lived, and confirming his location via a mobile app, they realized their son might be involved.

The couple immediately set off for Nottingham, but were contacted by the police before they had traveled far. The devastating news shattered their world. They then had to break the news to Barnaby’s younger brother Charlie, who was away on a school trip.

Following the tragedy, the family attended a vigil held at the university where thousands of students gathered in silence to mourn. Another vigil was held at Old Market Square, allowing the people of Nottingham to share in their grief.

The family also visited the place where Barnaby was killed. They placed a photo of him at the spot and paid their respects.

The families of all three victims have criticized the police, the NHS, and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) over the handling of the case. Calocane was sentenced for manslaughter due to diminished responsibility as he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the killings. Calls for a public inquiry have been made, and the attorney general is considering a review of Calocane’s sentence. An independent review of the NHS trust that treated Calocane and his contact with mental health services has also been ordered.

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