The Murderer was Transferred to Brianna Ghey’s School Following Incident with Younger Girl


Scarlett Jenkinson, a convicted murderer, was transferred to a new school where she met her victim, Brianna Ghey, after drugging a younger student with a cannabis-infused sweet, according to the BBC. Despite facing expulsion, Jenkinson was moved to Birchwood Community High School in Warrington, Cheshire. She later poisoned and then killed Brianna in February 2023. The school was reportedly unaware of Jenkinson’s previous offense.

Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe are awaiting sentencing for Brianna’s murder. The 16-year-old was stabbed 28 times in a brutal attack in a Cheshire park. The judge has lifted reporting restrictions, allowing the killers to be named publicly for the first time.

Jenkinson originally attended Culcheth High School, where she drugged a 13-year-old student with a cannabis sweet in September 2022. The incident was recorded as a spiking, but no further police action was taken as the victim’s family did not support it. Jenkinson was then transferred to Birchwood Community High School to avoid expulsion and given a second chance.

At Birchwood, Jenkinson befriended Brianna in the school’s inclusion room. Within four months of transferring, she poisoned Brianna with tablets. The school’s headteacher, Emma Mills, stated that she was aware of Jenkinson’s involvement with cannabis edibles but was unaware that Jenkinson had given a cannabis sweet to a younger student.

Both schools are cooperating with a local child safeguarding practice review following Brianna’s death. Warrington Borough Council stated that the review will examine all aspects of this serious case.

The trial revealed that Jenkinson had poisoned Brianna with tablets less than four months after the cannabis sweet incident. Jenkinson had exchanged messages with Ratcliffe discussing her plans to kill Brianna through a pill overdose. Dr Amanda Holt, a criminologist, stated that it is unusual for children with no history of violence or offending to decide to kill someone.

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