Uncertain Fate of Six-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Trapped Amidst Israel-Gaza Conflict


In a tragic incident, six-year-old Hind Rajab was caught in the crossfire in Gaza City, hiding in her uncle’s car surrounded by the bodies of her deceased relatives. She was on the phone with Rana, an operator at the Palestinian Red Crescent’s emergency call center, who was her only connection to safety. Hind and her family had been trying to escape the intense shelling in their area, prompted by an evacuation order from the Israeli army.

Hind’s mother, Wissam, had sent Hind with her uncle in his car while she and her older child made their way on foot to Ahli Hospital, a presumed safe haven. However, the car came under fire near al-Azhar University, reportedly from Israeli tanks. The family inside the car called for help, reaching the Red Crescent’s emergency headquarters in the occupied West Bank.

The operators at the Red Crescent call center tried to keep Hind calm and instructed her to hide under the seats. They also connected Hind’s mother, Wissam, into the call. Despite their efforts, they were unable to send an ambulance immediately due to restrictions from the Israeli army.

Three hours later, an ambulance was dispatched but lost contact with the operators and Hind. The location remains inaccessible due to it being an active combat zone controlled by the Israeli army. Hind’s mother continues to wait at Ahli hospital, hoping for her daughter’s safe return. The Israeli army has not yet provided details about its operations in the area that day or about Hind’s disappearance.

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