Constance Marten Claims Mark Gordon Instructed Her to Attribute Baby’s Death to Cot Death


Mark Gordon and Constance Marten are on trial at the Old Bailey, accused of manslaughter by gross negligence in relation to the death of their baby, Victoria. The court heard that Gordon had instructed Marten to claim the baby died of cot death, also known as sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Marten revealed this information during a police interview conducted on 1 March, shortly after Victoria’s body was discovered in a shed in Brighton. Marten also admitted she had considered turning herself into the police two weeks after Victoria’s death. Both Gordon and Marten deny the charges.

Marten also told the police that she had advised Gordon to claim he was not present when Victoria died, in an attempt to protect him. She further stated that Gordon had told her to say that Victoria had died of cot death while she was not holding her. Marten confessed that this account was not true and suggested that Gordon might try to maintain this story to protect her.

During the interview, Marten described how she had fallen asleep while holding Victoria in a tent and woke up to find her motionless. Despite attempts to resuscitate Victoria, there was no response. Marten said she then wrapped Victoria in a scarf and held her, unsure of what to do next. When asked why they did not seek help, Marten replied that it was clear Victoria was no longer alive.

Marten also mentioned that both she and Gordon were distraught and traumatized by the incident. She recalled seeing a newspaper article urging them to come forward about Victoria’s death.

In addition to manslaughter, the couple face charges of cruelty to their baby, concealment of the baby’s birth, causing or allowing her death, and perverting the course of justice by hiding the body. They deny all charges. The trial is ongoing.

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