India’s Special Effects Industry Facing Staff Shortage


Vinay Sastha R, a technical director at DNEG, a leading VFX studio in India, was inspired by films like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter as a child. Now, he gets to work on creating fantastical visual effects for movies. The VFX industry in India is booming, with domestic and international demand for special effects increasing. Companies like HBO and Netflix are outsourcing work to Indian studios, leading to a surge in the industry.

However, the industry faced challenges during the Hollywood strikes last year, causing delays and layoffs in India. Despite this setback, experts believe the market will recover, with the potential for Indian studios to handle all visual effects for global productions in the future. The industry is expected to grow significantly, with estimates suggesting a need for 2.2 million workers by 2032.

To meet this demand, the AVGC Task Force is working with universities to develop courses and qualifications in VFX and animation. While the cost of training and software can be a barrier for many aspiring professionals, experts suggest that corporates should provide support to make education more accessible. Additionally, the use of AI in VFX production is expected to ease staff shortages and enhance creativity in the industry.

Despite the challenges, professionals like Vinay Sastha R find fulfillment in seeing their names in movie credits and contributing to the magic of cinema. The future looks promising for those interested in pursuing a career in animation and VFX in India.

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