Former Brazilian Leader Bolsonaro Denies Coup Allegations


The former President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, has stated that he has been subjected to political persecution since stepping down from office over a year ago. Speaking to a large crowd of supporters in São Paulo, Bolsonaro dismissed allegations of a coup plot as a “lie”. He also advocated for amnesty for hundreds of his supporters who were convicted for attacking public buildings.

Police are currently investigating whether Bolsonaro incited a failed coup following his loss in the 2022 election. At a recent rally in Brazil’s biggest city, the 68-year-old ex-president labeled the accusations against him as politically driven. He urged the nation to put the past behind and move forward.

In his address, Bolsonaro also discussed the upcoming 2026 presidential elections. However, he is currently prohibited from running for office for eight years due to his undermining of Brazil’s electoral system and baseless claims of fraud in the previous election.

Large crowds, donning yellow and green – the colors of the Brazilian flag, gathered to hear Bolsonaro’s speech. Many attendees expressed their support for freedom, particularly freedom of speech. They criticized perceived threats to imprison Bolsonaro for expressing his views. Several supporters echoed unfounded allegations of electoral fraud in the last election.

Authorities are closely monitoring Bolsonaro’s speeches for any content that could incite riots or undermine the electoral system. Earlier this month, he was required to surrender his passport due to an ongoing investigation into allegations that he attempted to overturn the results of the October 2022 election and pressured military chiefs to support a coup attempt.

After losing the election to left-wing candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, thousands of Bolsonaro’s supporters stormed government buildings in Brasília, including the presidential palace, the Supreme Court, and Congress. Three of Bolsonaro’s allies have been arrested since then, along with the leader of his political party.

Police allege that they spread doubts about the electoral system, which became a rallying point for his supporters. This, according to the police, set the stage for a potential coup. When the armed forces did not support it, his disappointed supporters stormed Congress and other key buildings on January 8 last year.

Bolsonaro, who was in the US at the time of the attack on Congress, returned to Brazil in March 2023, claiming he had nothing to fear. He continues to be a leading figure for the right in Brazilian politics.

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