Evolv’s AI weapons scanner retracts claims of UK testing


An AI weapons-scanning company, Evolv Technology, has retracted its claims that its technology was tested by the UK government. The company produces “intelligent” scanners that aim to identify individuals carrying concealed weapons like guns, knives, and bombs. However, Evolv has faced criticism for overstating the capabilities of its technology.

The company admitted to altering its claims about UK testing to better reflect the actual process. The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) have launched investigations into Evolv’s marketing practices. Despite being used in various venues in the US and the Manchester Arena, questions have been raised about the accuracy and effectiveness of Evolv’s scanners.

Evolv initially claimed that its AI weapons scanner had been tested by the UK Government’s National Protective Security Authority (NPSA), but it was later revealed that the NPSA does not conduct this type of testing. An independent company, Metrix NDT, tested and validated Evolv’s technology using NPSA standards, but they clarified that they did not validate the system.

Critics have expressed concerns about the need for close scrutiny and potential regulation of companies making bold claims about their technology. Evolv has faced scrutiny for its inability to reliably detect knives or bombs, leading to changes in its claims and website messaging. The company has expressed regret for any confusion surrounding its technology and capabilities. Questions remain about Evolv’s testing processes and the accuracy of its claims.

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