Prince William Says ‘Too Many Killed’ in Israel-Gaza Conflict


Prince William has made a strong plea for an immediate end to the Israel-Gaza conflict, citing the “terrible human cost” since the Hamas terrorist attack. He emphasized the urgent need for increased humanitarian aid to Gaza and the release of hostages. The Prince made these statements during his visit to the British Red Cross in London.

The government was informed about Prince William’s statement and visits through the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office. The Prince, after hearing from Red Cross workers about their efforts to support those affected by the Middle East conflict, expressed his concern over the number of lives lost.

Via a video link, Red Cross staff in Gaza provided Prince William with detailed accounts of their work. They warned that hospitals were at risk of “becoming a cemetery” without medical supplies or fuel, and that delivering humanitarian aid was challenging due to looting by “hungry mobs”. The Red Cross also informed the Prince of their readiness to assist with hostage releases.

Beatrice Butsana-Sita, British Red Cross chief executive, stated that civilians were the ones suffering as the humanitarian situation worsened.

The Israeli military campaign, which began after a Hamas attack on southern Israel on October 7, has resulted in approximately 29,000 deaths in Palestinian territory, according to the Hamas-run health ministry.

Prince William is visiting various locations this month to acknowledge the human suffering caused by the Israel-Gaza war. He is said to be deeply moved by the situation, particularly as a father. He also plans to visit a synagogue later this month to address young people from diverse backgrounds and highlight concerns about antisemitism.

Prince William’s father, King Charles III, has been an advocate for building bridges between faiths and combating religious intolerance. However, since his cancer diagnosis earlier this month, he has not been able to make public visits. As a result, Prince William is among the senior royals taking on such symbolic and sensitive visits.

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