US Media: Trump Triumphs Over Haley in South Carolina Primary


On Wednesday, I encountered a Democrat, Tricia Ferguson, at a rally for Nikki Haley in North Augusta, South Carolina. Despite her political leanings, Ferguson expressed her intention to vote for Haley in the Republican primary to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president. She admitted to disagreeing with Haley on many issues, but believed that Haley would be willing to compromise when necessary and listen to opposing viewpoints in our democratic republic. However, by Saturday, Ferguson had reversed her decision. She was upset upon hearing Haley state that Joe Biden was a more significant threat than Donald Trump, an assertion that made her want to “scream.” Ferguson’s flip-flop illustrates a crucial hurdle for Haley. While she is attempting to form a wide-ranging coalition that appeals to moderates and independents, she also seems wary of estranging the Republican base. This balancing act may ultimately lead to her failing to attract any supporters.

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